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"I had to let you know that you're acting like an asshole..."

I can't believe I actually rememebered the name of the Beachwood. I also can't believe that I actually had a great fuckin' time. Don't get me wrong, I always have good times at shows and hanging out with peeps, but last night was one of those "Epic" nights were you hit several spots and everything just seems to be going smoothly. So let's recap, shall we?

My late morning/afternoon activities were as follows: finally watched Coffee and Cigarettes, played catch with the kids, waited for the cages to open but they never did. Dogged a Villa Palermo pizza while watching the Cubs blow a game late. Finished the Clone Wars section of Star Wars Battlefront.

At around 8ish, I show up to the Red Line. Roundeye's supposed to be playing but they got pushed back. Brett and Tara are there so I talk to them for a few before heading to the other side of the tracks. Brett and I head to the studio for a little bit, I stay there and chat with Kev about his whips, cat's tails, and assorted projects. Gela and Tara2 aren't around, suprisingly we sit and talk for a good hour on topics ranging from film to knives. He's a strange dude, kind of scary, but talented as hell and a nice fella. Oops, sorry if I lost you guys, he works in an arts studio along with some others. The same studio I briefly was a part of, anyway he makes whips, knives, masks, cat's tails, etc. I bid him farewell and I jump in my ride and head to the Double Door.

I was meeting a couple of people from work there, all my stupid friends didn't want to go. They're so stupid. :P. So I'm glad I could count on these guys to show up. It's funny because they told people as well, and of course they didn't show up, heh. 90%, riiiiight. I find a good spot down the street and I find my homies right away. As luck would have it, it seemed to be Jameson night at the Double Door, everyone got a free cocktail and Jameson drinks were $3 all night. The first band, Window Nine, was pretty decent. The lead singer looked like Titus's little brother if any of you remember that show. The second band, Emily Shrine, was mediocre. They just didn't do it for me. Finally it was time, I chugged the rest of my 4th? 5th? Jameson and Coke and headed to the front for...


They're becoming one of my favorite bands now. I saw Kevin (from the band) earlier and almost said something, but I'm a little old to be yapping away like a fanboy, unless it's Scott (from Local H) of course. They played a kick ass set, albeit a short one since Giant Step was headlining. They started out with Whatcha Got, then went right into Mr. Man. They played a few more, I know that Love Me More was one of them, maybe the last one, because it kicked so much ass. I think I was standing next to Simi's parents, possibly an older sister? They had VIP passes, and I saw them backstage at one point, the crowd really got into them, I really need to get to U of I next week. Local and Suffrajett, whooo hoo!

I've really never seen Giant Step, and we were kind of wiped from Suffrajett (not to mention Mr. Jameson) so after Nel picked up a Suffrajett CD, we headed out. We were about to call it a night, eventhough it was only midnight, but then decided to take a walk through Wicker Park. After passing several trendy spots (read:pretentious clubs with dress codes and covers filled with phonies, I'm not judgemental at all, am I?) we ended up at this cool little dive by the name of the Beachwood Inn.,0,1277583.venue It's a cool place, pool tables, board games, and my kind of people. We were playing pool when Jules called me from the Street Side.,0,163466.venue

(Total sidebar THIS--> is going to suck.)

She was hanging out there, Charlie was spinning, and Sarah was working so we headed over there. Charlie's a great DJ, plays everything from Metallica and GNR to Outkast and Jay-Z. Lots of old school too. When he's not DJ'ing you can usually find him belting out vocals for Stripping The Pistol. We get to the Street Side and it's an average crowd, slowly but surely it start's filling in. Some time passes and most of us are little under the influence. I ended up getting engaged last night, Sarah and I worked it out to where we'll get married when I'm thirty, have one kid, unless it's a girl, then we can try for a boy a second time. As far as name's Ariel's ok for a girl, she didn't like Raven, but Hunter and Logan work for guys. She'll stay at home with the kids until they're ready for school, then do the Yoga instructor thing when they're at school. All of this in-between auditions and shoots. It was all pretty amusing.

I worked Jules at Galaga, yet again, even though I was being distracted by flashes of skin and certain exposed body parts, heh. It was a wild night, dancing, people tripping over each other, and a few other things I must keep on the low-low ;). At one point a cat-fight almost ensued over yours truly. Heh. Three AM finally rolled around and I said my goodbyes and headed out the door.

In summary, Suffrajett rocks, Jameson's good whiskey, and whether it's coming from a band, a jukebox, or the one's and two's, I can't live without music.

Without music, life is a journey through a desert
--Pat Conroy

Where words fail, music speaks.
--Hans Christian Andersen

Music melts all the separate parts of our bodies together.
--Anais Nin

The games are starting, we need some wins.

Much Love,


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