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"Not as much as I love you."

How did I ever get through the week without hot wing wednesday? The whole crew showed which rocked, and there was no tension or unease. I'm freinggin' hammered. Friggin' even. Hmm...I want to write but what about? I guess it doesn't matter, I really should get to bed. Things just blow sometimes, and of course it's a lot easier sometimes, but's not so much. I thought it was getting better everyday, I lied. Local H f'ing ROXORs, so does Cheat Commandos. It's funny because YOU said you can tell when I've been drinking when I write Fucking instead of f'n. Umm yeah. Nonetheless, everything is still status quo, work sucks, life's uneventful...

The quote's from Malcolm, is that even possible? I mean, in theory I guess it's very rational, but can one person be more in love than the other? Wouldn't it throw everything off. Alright I'm obviously going off on tangets, err tangents even. I'm missing a few books, Mallrats, my Neruda book, it pisses me off when shit gets moved around, or borrowed and I forget. What's wrong with me!!!

*shakes head* Alright, a few thangs to do then I'm off to chill with the sandman.



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