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"Here I am..."

Where do I begin? Let me put some tunes on this might be a long one. I should be out and about, Saturday night and all, but whatever. I've never been the "club kid" type. I friggin' hate clubs, the lines, the waiting, dressing up, the pretentiousness of it all. I'd rather hang out in a nice bar, hell even a dive, than trying to fit in with the materialistic, shallow people that frequent...

Sorry I'm going off on a tagent, I'm not being judgemental at all am I? Heh, I know, book by it's cover. I apologize, I know not everyone is like that. It's been a strange day. I didn't sleep much, it was a late night and the phone kept ringing early in the morning. Ackk I'm having issues typing tonight. Today was rather boring, I refuse to watch sports so that pretty much ruled out any television watching whatsoever. I played Fight for NY for a while. I whupped Snoop's boys all over town. That game's actually pretty bad ass, all the real hip hoppers on it, the moves, great story, you should check it out. Did that for a while, then I did some work on here for a few. Uploaded some pics, surfed the net, nothing of consequence. Around seven I was really bored, I figured I'd watch a flick, simple enough right? I probably have around 300 movies, no joke, and I couldn't find anything to watch. Pretty sad really. So I popped in Simpsons Season Three, watched/listened to that for about two hours. As I drifted in and out of consciousness, I realized that the third season kicks ass, it has a lot of the classic episodes. Anyway, I now find myself in front of the computer, staring at this glowing white screen, asking to be typed on.

Last night "The Rockshow"

Not really, but it was Roundeye's and For All I Care's show at Lilly's. It was good to see so many familiar faces out and about. Hex, Jose, Trip, Mel, Phil who never seems to smile, Jeremy, Brett, Jen, Rigo, Shenel. I even managed to drag Angela out to the show, of all people Missy was there too, small world. However, as usual, there were plenty of no shows as well.

I'm running out of steam for some reason...hmm. It was a good show, Hex disappeared without a word. He left some crap behind that I picked up for him, jerkass. I was uneasy last night, but I can't put my finger on why I was. Part of it had to do with the venue I'm sure, then seeing some people for the first time in months is sometimes awkward, I felt better after a few drinks...and a few shots. Ended up with a full ride back to the RP, I dropped the peeps off and ended up talking with 'Gela for an hour. The usual crap, although this time I was pretty much just listening. Guess I was just tired.

I woke up this morning and my cell had some strange outgoing calls on it, still not sure who made them and how. Anyhoo, guess I'll troll around here for a few, maybe catch SNL later.


-G Money

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