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My malaise reminds me of my mortality.

I'm feeling better, but not great.

Another uneventful day, I had some errands but never got to them. D wasn't feeling well either. Work was, well work, Mondays suck, but they always do. Hell, at least we've got a three day weekend coming up.

I was expecting something, but aren't we all?

Don't mind me, I'm just riding out a low I guess. Friday was good, Saturday night was fun, and eventhough I was sick, yesterday was cool too. I was happy to actually be throwing the pigskin around. I'm sore as hell and I'm not even sure if it was from football or from being sick.

I'm quite wistful but it'll pass.

Local H weekend coming up, Friday and Sunday, should be good times, it's been a while. Heh, well only about a month, but whatever. Swanie told me about LL Cool J at the House of Blues and I'm thinking I just might tag along. He's one of the few performers that I've never seen and it's only 20 bucks so what the hey. I'll try to swing by one of these days and pick up tix for that and Local in November.

Well, tomorrow's another day. Whats that thing that Tex always says, every day above ground's a good one, right?

Carpe Noctum


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