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Like a jigsaw puzzle that's a few pieces short...

"Events are going to accelerate in the last few weeks of October." What the fuck does that even mean. Without getting all political on yer asses, I think Cheney worked Edwards. And what the hell is up with Edwards using the word "kill" all the time. We're going to KILL the terrorists, ROAR! Maybe it was me. Either way, whomever wins, I'm going to make a bold statement/prediction. Me, you, that guy, those people over there...will be just as well off next year as we are now. Not that I don't wish you well, I hope wish you all success and joy, financial well-being, and happiness. But I really doubt if you accomplish this anytime soon, that it'll have anything to do with the guy that's sitting in the Oval Office.

In other, more pressing news, at least in my world. I wonder how the rally went. I've been ranting about it on and off so I won't repeat myself but here's a link for ya. Channel 2 was actually at work earlier today, bigkid76 and I had the pleasure of greeting the moderately hot Kristyn Hartman at the door.

Hey look, another link. -> That's where I work, for now.

Let's see, what else, tomorrow's my brother's birthday, 21. A woo hoo. I totally forgot so I may have to cut Wing Night Wednesday short tomorrow if we have something going on at home. We'll see.

RIP Rodney Dangerfield, great comedian, great character on the Simpsons, hopefully he'll finally get some respect. Caddyshack like a motherfucker.

I was fine all day today, but now I've started sneezing again, then again it is like freakin' 45 out. Whatever. Oh not that I watch sports or anything anymore, but fuck the Yankees. Go Red Sox. Hope the Cards and 'Stros choke too. But I don't watch sports anymore so...whatever.

Anyone else get the feeling someone's pissed at us? The Hurricanes and Mt. St. Helen's, what's next?

Have you ever tried holding on to something that you never had? I seem to do that a lot, grasping for straws that aren't there, believing things or in people that I shouldn't. Being blindly optimistic while posing as a cynic. Hmmm...I've got an idea...a cynic hoodie. We'll see, at least now that the weather's cooler I can sport my trademark outfit of a hoodie and khakis. Shorts and a hoodie if it's nice out.

Alright I'm going to wrap this puppy up, did I miss anything? Questions, comments, ask away, write away....

Here's looking at you kid,

Gil DeNoriega

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