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Cue the music. I had a few notes posted and of course I f'ed up and they were beleted! Damn Homestar distracting me, alright I'm on it.

Heh, I've been forgetting to use LJ cuts, it's just that my posts usually end up longer than intended, today however, I know it's going to be a long one. Work was work, whatever, you know? Ended up going to the Fireside after work, it wasn't much of a crowd but it was an interesting one. A couple of new teachers, coversations ranging from the influence of hip hop on modern culture to the translation of swear words. It was pretty interesting because at one point there were about five or six of us at the table capable of speaking Espanol and only two of us were Latino.

Anyway, had a few Harps and then headed home to get ready for the H show. I invited a few people, most people declined, luckily Shenel and Rigo tagged along. After an interesting ride home, to say the least, I got my baby ready for the drive out to Glendale Heights and headed out. I picked up R&S, then Jules and we were off.

We got to show pretty much perfectly on time. bettydiamond and live2cd were there as usual. I also met a couple of other people, Dew pointed in the direction of hot4scott but I'm not sure I figured out who was who. Can you say intoxicated? The show kicked ass, the sound was little off but what the hey. It was Rigo and Shenel's first time watching the H and they seemed to enjoy it. Who wouldn't? Other than Julie that is, and it's her third time seeing them. Unfortunately I had to do a little baby-sitting but that's a whole other story, I'm on a positive tip right now.

The show ended, I said my goodbyes, and headed back into town. The ride back was a lot quicker and more enjoyable seeing as half the people in the Jeep were passed out. Luckily H shows pick me up so I was flying, no dozing off for me. Wouldn't want to end up like this. --> NOTE: May be disturbing for some, you've been warned. Dropped off the crew, after making sure everyone made it to their beds ok, I crashed in my own.

Saturday was pretty uneventful. Slept in, played some X-Box, had some Villa Palermo. Watched some football, some baseball, surfed the 'net a bit. Talked to a few people, oh and I was expected another Saturday night call but alas it never came. *sighs* I would have called you but I wasn't sure which number was yours and which was your mom's. Heh. I ended up passing out during the first half of SNL.

Woke up Sunday feeling refreshed. So fresh, so clean! Probably because I slept for over eight hours, for once I wasn't up at the crack of dawn after being out all night. Sunday afternoon was spent watching football and baseball. I then proceeded to watch Hoodlum. For some reason I didn't remember it focusing on Bumpy Johnson as much, eh it'd been a while. Seven rolled around and I picked up my cousin and we headed to the East Village Fest or West Fest or whatever the hell they're calling these days.

It was a great show, wild at times, and a "remixed" set. Dew, Oh So, Coolest Head, Bela, Queen, Blister, and tons of others were on hand. After the show I got Scott and Brian to take pics with my cousin. It was his first Local show, not to mention outdoor show, so it was special. They were really cool about it, yet another reason why the H that is Local kicks so much ass.

Mira ->

We called it a night and headed back to Rogers Park. I jumped on here for a few and passed out.

Not much yesterday. Had a chance to sleep in, gotta love Columbus, I mean talk about luck. I want to be remembered forever because I made a wrong turn! Spent most of the morning slacking off, playing X-Box, reading LJs, watching videos, writing a little bit. I can feel it slowly returning, the fire, the drive, call it motivation if you will. Inspiration? Have I found another muse? Or has one found me? Hmm...we'll see how long it lasts. I was supposed to go bowling, Diversey riverside I believe, back to the scene of the crime...
I showed up and no one was there, f'ing shit. I should stay to my "not hanging out as much" resolution, I guess everyone was in Michigan and didn't get back until last night. Bastards. At least it was a good drive, haven't really cruised much these days.

God was it hard to go to work today. My contract for the Afterschool Matters/Club 37/whatever was supposed to come in this afternoon but I didn't stick around. I'll get it tomorrow, my days might end up being Wednesday and Friday, the worst possible days. "Won't you believe it, just my luck." I might have plans for Friday, but we'll see. Shit never works out how you want, or with whom you want. Now the damn Simpsons are distracting me, I can't get certain things, images out of my head. *shakes it off*

Guess that's about it. This entry has been brought to you by the letter H and the number 7.



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