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Being put through the trepalium...

Okay, so tomorrow should be interesting. To say the least. Didn't do much today except watch the Bears lose, have some BP, and now I'm in the process of watching the Red Sox lose. Last night was cool, I saw Suffrajett at the Bottom Lounge with bettydiamond and ran into Scott from Local H there. They played a great set and a couple of new songs. At one point Simi blew me a kiss, true story. (Well it was either meant for me or the girl next to me. Hmmph.) Caught up on some email, some LJ's, some calls. Talked to the Llama aka Murder C, aka Honeybear, aka CC, aka Eden, etc. on Saturday, those conversations are always fun. Bibby, you've got to help me convince her to write a book. Either about her fam or prank calls. I hope my homework wasn't too difficult. I'm thinking about getting a fauxhawk. I'm fucking tired. It's been a busy weekend, next week should be the calm before the storm. Halloween's almost here, Saturday the 30th-Redline, Sunday the 31st-Double Door. Monday-might my first day off this year. Did I mention Suffrajett? Hmm, guess that's about it, I was worried this was going to end up being longer. (heh, that's what she said) Oh Local added a couple of dates Thanksgiving weekend, BONG!!!

Fuck it, I'm out.


"We are shaped and fashioned by what we love." - Goethe

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