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"If I got paid to drink I'd be a professional."

It was something to that effect, it was amusing. Someone was saying that they've never seen me intoxicated, what can I say I'm a pro.

On my to work this morning Bound for the Floor came on the radio. It's always cool to hear H get some airplay. LJ is on some shit tonight, so my entry's going to be erratic at best. Strange day, but music always gets me through. Shit going down at work, people being asses outside of work, and many decisions to be made. Why do I always do the honorable thing? Why do I inevitably choose to be the "bigger" person? How is it that I somehow manage to find myself in f'ed up situations year after year, it's be funny if it wasn't so pathetic.

I also came to the sad realization that I'm probably happy, really happy, for like 15 minutes a day. It's during my drive after work. There's not much traffic, I can turn up the radio, and I sing/scream along to my tunes. Granted I'll watch the game, or play X-Box, chit-chat and shit during the day. It's fun, amusing, entertaining, but it's during my drive that I'm actually relaxed. Calm, at one with the universe, or something like that.

Oh did I mention how I do enjoy my pop lecturing me. Yes I need goals, yup I'm getting older, uh-huh, yeah. Thanks. I'm still feeling like crap, damn stuffy nose/allergies/head cold/bad coke still has my nose all clogged up. Like you need to hear this.

Earlier in the day BD posted that she had to have surgery so that kind of freaked me out for a bit, then I get a phone call out of the blue that was also a bit unsettling. It wasn't bad, just unexpected. Now I just found out a friend of mine in Florida is in the hospital, guess it's her appendix.

Hmm did I touch on everything? We'll see how tomorrow goes, hell I'll go to Mullen's regardless. Even if it's solo. What the fuck is going on in NYC. Finish the damn game, you sore losers. Go Boston! It's pretty cool though, I've really been getting into the games, Boston's always been my fave American team along with the A's. The history, the curse, Nomar, so it's cool to actually have someone to cheer for. I'm sort of pulling for Rocket, but I hate Houston, however, I hate the Cards even more. How's the saying go, enemies of my enemies are my friends or whatever.

Alright, I'm going to try to post this fucker now, damn LJ. Chat for a few with the llama and then hit the hay. Until next time...

MC Fen

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