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Ten more days 'til halloween, silver shamrocks!

I love Abby Lockheart. I hate the Redbirds.

I'm not in a great mood, hell when am I? It's really not that bad I guess, but you only remember the bad shit right? Well let's start with the good news...shit I put off doing the bills another day. I suck. I just get caught up in shit and before I know it, it's time for bed. So the good stuff, umm..I had a nice phone conversation today. Umm it wasn't that cold out. Yeah. It's just that I start my day on a positive tip and of course it gets derailed. Before I even punch in, I'm asked if I was back in school now that I'm working early hours. I know it's not meant in a bad way, but it's the same old thing, I just feel like I've let everyone down sometimes. I won't get into it. So yeah after answering the question by muttering "no..but I'm working after school", I try starting up the computers to find out that our versions of LSIMS aren't supported anymore. Meaning, basically that a school of 1600 plus students was going to start the day "computerless". It wasn't even 6:50 AM and I was already breaking a sweat. It doesn't help when you're surrounded by negativity and drama almost constantly. I really need to watch it though, I find myself slipping more and more each day, swears slipping out at kids here and there. Eh whatever. It's a race to the finish...will I lose my job to quitting? Getting fired? Navy taking over? I'm over it.
Spent most of the evening burning CDs. I get obsessed with playlists and the comments section on I-tunes. I love my I-pod, it's the only thing that gets me through the day sometimes. Oh more good news, that Halloween show, the Local H one. As usual, sold out. I got my tix but everyone that wanted to go slacked and now it's sold out. Who's going to the show alone? Gil is! In actuality I may have an extra ticket but then you get into the who gets it deal. Fawk.

It sometimes feels like I'm getting slowly poisioned. Gradually moving away from the light. Poor Rocket, eh Sox are going to blaze them anyway. Schedule's going to be f'ed up tomorrow, working 'til five. (People reading this are like WTF? I work until five everyday asshole.) Someone asked me if I was ready...I'm like for what? I don't feel like I'm ready for anything lately...

I hate how I'm the only dependable person around here. I really want to buy the new Grand Cherokee or the new Mustang. Anyone want to buy me one?

Tomorrow is going to absolutely suck.

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