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Give me money, give me blow, don't slow down cuz red means "go"

Alrighty then, I'll probably go to sleep tonight and wake up tomorrow with the same President. Nothing changes. There's a LOT of shit going around now. People are just going through mad drama as of late. Whether it's butt cancer, hives, breaking out in a rash, being under the weather, or just plain "emo" shit, no one seems to be in a good space. People are confused about shit, others are making bad decisions, some are just fuckin' retarded. A lot of people that just need to shut the fuck up and grow up. But I digress...

Today, I went into work later than usual, and got out earlier than usual. You can't beat that with a stick. Ran some errands, hit the bar for a few, (we were all paranoid it was going to be closed due to the election, can you say alcoholics?)and watched a movie. At the bar I was actually shooting pretty well, I was kind of in this intense space today. Drama just continues. Seems to be everyone's a bit confused, but I seem to take the cake in that department. What is the next step, if there even is one to be had? I needed to send some bills out and I had my brother run them into the post office but the dumbass threw the mail in the wrong slot so I hope it's not a problem. They should sort everything, right? This is going to annoy me for the next few days until I confirm that Gamefly got the games or Cap One got paid. So then we headed to Evanston to catch Saw. I have to tell you that I was impresed with it, even with the hype, I wasn't disappointed. It definitely had the low budget feel, I've always been a fan of Glover, and Diz from Starship Troopers is also in it. I forget her name, and I'm not looking it up. Talked to C for a while, hope she feels better. I was also looking at this phone at Sprint, it's red, and it's cool. It's also about 300 but I can get it for like 150. God knows, and probably most of you as well, that I need a new phone. Can't hear shit on mine now.

Anyone else besides me feel the need to bitchslap Joe Rogan?

Guess that's about it for tonight, maybe my dreams will sort shit out for me.



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