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Fuck Wal-Mart

Another reason to hate Wal-Mart. There are several, but this is just another one, along with their censorship bullshit and their anti-union stance. Fuck them, while I'm at it, fuck TiVo, 7-11, Ticketmaster, RCN, stupid people, slow drivers, The Detroit Lions, The Yankees and all their 200M payroll. Fuck you Steinbrener. Bandwagon Boston fans, fuck you too, and your Patriots can go to hell too. Stupid kids will grow up to be stupid adults, fuck them too. Fuck these stupid sick kids that get me sick, either that or fuck me for playing football on Halloween when it was like 40 out, in a t-shirt and khakis. Okay, where the hell did that come from. I seriously hate Wal-Mart, I haven't given them a dollar of mine in almost ten years. A RATM show got me started, I looked up a lot of their shit for myself, the censorship of games, films, and music really got to me.

Anyway, where am I? Was I? If I don't feel any better I don't think I'm going to drive up to Madison, I was feeling better earlier, but now I'm relapsing. Pfft. I haven't heard from BJ anyway. What else, work was work, people are just getting on my nerves there. It's not about sides, or people running to other people, some of you just need to grow the fuck up. I'm just frustrated I guess. I don't know.

Tomorrow is Friday though, maybe this weekend will be fun or productive, or both unlike last weekend, pfft. Man, guess I'm still a lil' f'ed up. I did end up having fucked up dreams though, I remember bits and pieces. One would make a good movie, I guess it's kind of like Pinocchio or whatever, but based on a video game Sim/Avatar instead of a puppet. This Sim comes to life in the real world, but for some reason ends up going "Chucky" on everyone. Then I vaguely remember driving with my dad and either needed gas or a spare tire or something and there acutally was like a delivery service that drives up to you and does whatever you need while you're driving. Somewhere in there I was watching like GI Joe or something but the music in the background was Local H. I kept waking up semi-conscious and then passing out again.

I guess they weren't that crazy after all. Still, I'm used to mundane, boring ass dreams so it was a welcomed change. I read back over my entry/entries and I bore do you guys even read these. Although last night's was a little entertaining, and who doesn't like LL Cool J? Nothing else happeneed today, little GTA, little CSI, now some ER. Maybe thing's will pick up tomorrow.


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