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Is this for real?

Anyway, if it is, it's pretty damn cool. I want my own country. Anyway, I'm just getting an entry in before midnight, keeping the one a day plan alive. Work sucked, but I had a good turn out after school for the Chess/Table Games ASM Club, standing room only. I also beat the kid I was playing, so I rock! Heh he's probably like 15, how old am I? I hate not having enough time at work. Enough time for people. It sucks. I also hate being in the middle of shit. Between co-workers, the crew, family, exes and their friends, people on the 'net. Why can't I get along with everyone? Or most people. Whatever. It just blows because there's always like this cloud of awkwardness hovering above. It's like what's the point of even getting close to someone, getting to know them, if you're or it's just going to get screwed up. I'm so used to doing the "right thing" most of the time that I'm totally the type to just fade away.

I fuckin' hate being sick, I didn't go to Madison and I didn't go out. Then when you like cough or sense, or you sound stuffed up, people look at you like you've got the f'ing plague. I'm ok. I'm not like dying, or wheezing, or puking my guts out. One of our teachers had like a stroke/heart attack, had to leave in an ambulance and all. I guess he's okay though because he came back after school. Oh and some of our genuis students, crimelords in the making, were arrested for strong armed robberies in the neighborhood. I guess one of them got caught with one of the coats he stole STILL ON HIM. NOTE TO SELF: When stealing someone's coat, don't wear it, especially if kid has name written on the inside of said coat.

Just another day. Guess I'll hit the hay...such a small entry, I should do a meme or something.

Eh, Conan's on, fuck it.

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