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Hello, is it me you're looking for?

Quite an eventful Saturday, especially considering I never left the house. I'm still a wee bit under the weather, it's more annoying than anything now. Found out some bad news today, just fucking broke my heart. I just don't understand how someone can fuck up something up that was so special, that other's would love to have. Twice.

I'm getting fed up. I know I'm repeating myself, but people at home, at work, here online. Grow up. I really shouldn't let things get to me, but it gets annoying when it's so rampant. Whatever. But childish things, blocking IPs/bandwidth, looking up people's IPs, leaving anonymous comments, if you're going to say something, just fucking say it. Two-faced individuals, hiding behind their little screens, using the keyboard to spit their lies. Eh, I'm over it, maybe I'm being melodramatic, maybe I'm hoping the right people come across my little corner of cyberspace.

Anyway, on a lighter note, I chatted with a couple of people I haven't heard from in months. It's funny how easy you can fall into old patterns with people, whether you want to or not. Also heard from Wayne today. I haven't seen him in a long time, it really sucks because he was definitely one of my old running dawgs. Known him for years now, but we haven't kept in touch. From what he tells me, he's got a totally different crew now. His old roomy, best friends, and shit, everything got fucked up. That whole circle of friends, we used to play football every weekend during the fall/winter. Whether it was 11 on 11 with subs, or 5 v. 5, we always played. I really miss that, it sucks that we can't get a good game together anymore. Maybe I should post something on the chicago communities for the hell of it. There's always Madden as well. It's amazing how shit changes, how time flies. Homies you used to see on a weekly basis, talk to daily, just completely out of your life.

The only constant is change.

I guess I'm getting used to it. Losing friends, or just losing touch with people, like on here, old TSO peeps, etc. It all evens out I guess. This year for instance, lost touch with a lot of people, but I'm making it up with the H fam. Granted these are people I've seen at shows for years, but I was always more of a lurker on the BBS. This year I've actually hung out with them and shot the shit. Good times.

Had another great talk tonight, there's like so much it made me think of, stuff I wanted to expand on but of course I've forgotten it by now. Damn SNL distracting me, this post has taken about two hours, heh. I'm Gonna Git You Sucka is on now, sweet! But I digress... Friggin' conversations are great. I just worry sometimes though. I'm paranoid I guess, crossing lines, or prattling on, or just putting people in uncomfortable situations. I think I also over analyze everyone, everything. I also write a lot of unnecessary, vague, crap in my entries.

In other good news, I was told that if there was a plane in which all the men in the world were to be put on, so as to plummet to their deaths, I would be spared. Cresent Fresh!

I'm going to watch Chasing Amy tomorrow. I need some wisdom from the mind of Kevin Smith.

Don't ask.

Alright, lame entry, which took two hours, but I'm done before the deadline and the streak continues bitches.

-Fen Dawg- Grove Street Family representing

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