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Same ol', same ol'.

I don't feel like writing. How's the saying go, if you can't say anything nice... I really don't want to be this way, bitching about meaningless shit, acting like Luke Skywalker and shit. But I can't help it. This positive thinking shit never works out, it's not like I try to throw wrenches in my shit. Actually felt like shit all day, didn't eat a damn thing until the evening, I have dinner with the folks and, surprise, surprise, I get into it with my father. I won't prattle on, but what the fuck? Fucking tempers, and it's not like I'm Mr. Calm either. So we're not speaking right now, everything is fine and good. I'd like to have a nice entry, but I guess that'll wait until I have a good day.

I'd really like to disappear for a while. Co-workers wouldn't care, friends would get over it, siblings would be like whatever. I could careless about the rest of the fam right about now. Any suggestions? West coast? East coast? North? South? Maybe Amsterdam, yeah that could work, bike everywhere, smoke pot and hang out in the red light district.

Okay I'll shut up before I whine some more. Life doesn't suck, we do.

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