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Someone shoot me already...

God I'm really going to get f'ed tomorrow. I haven't had a drop since, hell last month I guess, this weekend I was sick, oh wait, umm last week I guess. Tuesday, shit, well it's been over a week sue me. The shit I'm dealing with on a daily basis it's no wonder I don't do more than drink. I remember when I was working full time and going to school full time that I'd be drinking every night, how the hell did I do it? Ah wasted youth, literally.

Well, let's see, I was this close to having a good day really I was, but it fucking blows when the first thing that you see when you arrive to work is that nothing works. Can't even login to my computers. Great. Just sets the tone for the rest of the day. Not to mention that I woke up looking diseased. Some of you probably know I don't have the best skin, anyway, long story short I hate shaving because I usually break out, hence my half shaven, dishelved look. I can't grow a full anything because I apparently haven't finished going through puberty, yet I do get a umm five o'clock shade? Not shadow by any means, anyway I'm rambling. I shaved and broke out a little just above my lip so I look herped out. Not too noticible but I keep fucking with it so it's going to get worse I'm sure. How the hell am I going to get chicks to make out with me now. Yeah, because that'd be the ONLY reason they wouldn't Gil. Then, someone else passed out at work. Second time in three work days that someone's left in an ambulance.

*shakes head* I tried making my day better, instead of having lunch I picked up my copy of HALO 2, special edition no less. The game kicks ass, unfortunately I only got to play it for a couple hours. (You're probably like how fucking long did you want to play it?) Well more than two hours, I've only been waiting like years for it, besides it beats being on here or watching the boob tube for hours on end. Fucking got into it with my brother today so now I'm pretty much not speaking to any other male in the family. I hate living in this place sometimes, I need to get my own place. Maybe head west. Manifest destiny and shit. I don't have much going on here do I? No one would miss me, and maybe I'd actually get back on track as far as the screenwriting goes. I thought I had my muse, but I think I was mistaken. The shitty part is that I've already set things in motion that I may not be able to change, nothing too extravagant, but they're in motion and it seems that once again I've jumped the gun. I just don't think things out, what's the fun in that though. If one stops to ponder and think about every decision, one would never get anything done.

In the words of the ancients, one should make his decisions within the space of seven breaths. Lord Takanobu said, "If discrimination is long, it will spoil." Lord Naoshige said, "When matters are done leisurely, seven out of ten will turn out badly. A warrior is a person who does things quickly."

That's from the Hagakure. Bored as I was, I was randomly googling Noriega, Noriegas, etc. I'm interested in the whole genealogy, family tree shit, but too lazy to really delve into it. At least not at this time, so anyway, I've learned bits and pieces about the Noriega name. Today's discovery was that the Noriegas were an important family in California, from San Francisco to San Diego. I knew about some of the history but not to the extent that I found out today. Well, pioneers and shit, eh whatever it's really not that big of a deal actually, we'll always be known for that drug dealing Panamanian fuck. Bush's buddy right, great now I'm going to hunted down by big brother. Jeez shut up Fen, back to my original point, (I had one?) all the California talk had me thinking, maybe I should move there, to the land of, well, some of my ancestors. Then somehow, I calm down and ask myself, what the fuck was I thinking.

So yeah, quit building shit up only to have it come crashing down. And if you want to leave, I can help you out with that. Oh speaking of building shit up, I was half-expecting to watch Better Than Ezra in the Foundation Room at House of Blues next week, but that's probably not happening now. Which, like I said, I half-expected, so much so that I never purchased a ticket, but it would have been fun.

How do I end up getting distracted while writing in this fucker? I find myself on or looking at the TV eventhough I can't hear it. Now the Simpsons are on...

Fuck it, I'm done for the night I guess. I might just still disappear, maybe not Amsterdam, Egypt? Ireland would be sweet. Don't kiss the Blarney stone, the locals piss on it. I don't know if I'll keep up this one-a-day shit. It's all useless ranting anyway.

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