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What a fuckin' performance. Ray Liotta was amazing on ER. I've always liked him and I think he's greatly underrated. It actually got me all f'ed up. People die everyday, and I just wonder how much knowledge, how much experience is lost. Who's to say who gets into heaven, if there is one. Life is so fucked up, everything is connected, one thing leads to another, actions and consequences. I'm rambling but I'm just trying to touch on everything the episode got me thinking of. I'm going about 1000 miles an hour aaaaaaaaaaaand now I'm not. Damn Simpsons.

You know, it's not so much that I'm afraid of dying, but I'm mortified of not leaving my mark. I don't know, save a life? Have at least one thing, one script, book, hell a poem go on. Eh, I'm telling you I can't get a good day. Last night was close though. The crew plus a few more, minus a few others headed to Mullen's. We did the usual, had a few beers, had a few laughs. However, they were having a private party so we had to move down the street to the Mark II at around 6:30. Anyway, we played some pool, and a good time was had by all.

Today...hmm well I pretty much wasted today. In front of this thing, on the X-Box, played some Halo 2, and some Fable. Killed the rest of the time watching TV or spacing out. Utter waste I tells ya. Then again why should today be any different from the other 28 years of my life.

These posts are lacking substance. Guess that's what happens when you try to write without having anything to say, in addition to coping out like I did this morning. Last night's post was poignant but I just couldn't let it stand as is. Random side note: My Space is having a party at the Metro next week...umm yeah. Local sunday, not much else planned. Tomorrow is going to suck, no kids at work but bullshit meetings all day. Alright, guess I'm up, we'll see where the day takes me tomorrow.



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