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It's fucking cold out! Friggin' 11 degrees. Then I get to my desk and there's work on it. I hate people that just anonymously pawn shit off on others.

I wish I never woke up.

Used to be I had something to look foward to every day. Mondays was RAW, Tuesdays new CD/DVD day. Wednesdays new comics. Thursday SMACKDOWN, and Fridays were new movies and well, FRIDAYS! How things change. Don't follow wrestling anymore, can't afford comics. That was years ago.

God, I thought I was a loser then...what am I now?

Phone's fucking ringing, I don't start til 715, Fuck you. Got another minute or two. Now I've lost my train of thought.
Choo! Choo! Nope...still can't find it. It's too early. Right, got to stop complaining. I actually don't mind the cold. I'm used to it, and can tough it out. Besides it weeds out the rookies and amateurs. Gotta go, I hate friggin' computer illiterate people.

Guess I hate a lot of things this morning.

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