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Everybody to the Limit

I keep playing with fire, it's 11:33, I know I'm going to miss a day, it's inevitable. So, let's see, last night was more of the same. Hung out at Mullen's shot some pool, threw some darts, talked to peeps, had a few laughs, and a really good time.

Today was spent running errands, on the phone, and on the ol' X-Box. My past came back to me today. I'm scared because I really enjoyed it. I realized how much I missed it. Aren't we supposed to move on? Evolve? Somethings you just "know", you "feel". Speaking of the past, there was a little sumtin', sumtin' going on tonight. Of course I did not attend. It's ironic because there's a lot of times I wish I could go back to, to just a year ago even, or back to the summer of 2003,(holy shit that sounds like a lifetime ago)but then there's certain things I'd like to stay buried. But I digress, and oh hey, other than feeling really confused, I'm actually feeling kind of...heh...good. Go figure. Last night was fun, this afternoon was great.

Umm yeah, and Local H tomorrow with bettydiamond and company. Speaking of, since I'm running outta material I might steal that mem/survey whatever that I've seen floating around and never took. She's got it on hers and since this is a cop out of an entry, you just might get some extra DVD bonus material tonight.

-The real N.O.R.E.

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